2HJ had a meeting to report its 10/month supporting activities for the Kumamoto earthquake that happened on April 16 last year. Mr. Kawada, who had been working as a local staff member, talked about the details of situations in the affected areas as well as 2HJ’s activities in Kumamoto. 2HJ took three major steps in supporting the disaster areas of Kumamoto and worked with various stakeholders including public officials and citizens. 2HJ have been able to continue its contributions with different supporting methods directly and indirectly as needs of the affected areas have changed over time.

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As a result, the specific number of each activity is as follows:

  • 98.9 tons of supporting goods
  • 2177 of food packages
  • 75 corporations and organizations supported our activity
  • a cumulative number of 499 volunteers

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<A message from Mr. Kawada>

Some people think providing goods to the affected people will make it difficult for them to become independent. However, the amount of food we distributed is not enough for the people to completely rely on us. As a matter of fact, by providing the affected people food, they will be able to realize that many people care about them and would make them have positive feelings and energy to become independent.


Please click on the link below to download our report.


Thank you very much for those who support our activities!

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