It will almost be the 100th meeting between the support groups and the local governments of Kumamoto. It took place every day from 7pm for 3-4 hours after the earthquake had happened. One time, more than 100 groups from all parts of Kumamoto took part in the meeting. The meeting has continued at a different pace in different places along with the changes of supporting systems. In these days, there is a meeting every Tuesday from 6pm for 1-2 hours, and the members from the support groups, the prefectural office, the municipal office, and the social welfare council gather to report each of their activities. The meeting is also held to talk about new issues that come out due to the moving of victims from an emergency shelter to temporary housing units.


We were able to continue our supporting activities effectively by cooperating with different support groups at this meeting. And we still look for new partners that are willing to cooperate with us next year and help us connect with those who are in need.


Today, we were able talk to staff members from the Kumamoto-city Council of Social Welfare about the possibilities of a long-term partnership with them to help the people in need, including the victims of the earthquake. Then, we were introduced to a person in charge of the self-reliance support window.

Even though the 2HJ Kumamoto project is over, we would like to make systems that will allow us to continue supporting Kumamoto.