Finally, we were able to take a look at the tent that was disassembled on 8/17, supposed to be used by a welfare organization. The tent was built solidly on the ground of the welfare facility. It was smoothly reassembled because of the detailed instructions recorded during disassembling work. There are skilled engineering staff members and heavy machinery in this facility. When the strong typhoon hit Kumamoto the other day, they managed to keep the tent safe by attaching it to trucks and heavy machinery.


The Kumamoto 2016 earthquake heavily damaged this facility and therefore repairing and rebuilding work has to be done in the next few years. This forced the residents of the facility to live in inconvenient small spaces.


To make those residents feel more comfortable, the facility plans to store their belongings in the tent during the repairing work of the facility. In addition, the spacious tent can be used as a space to hold events on rainy days.


It would be very nice if the tent will be used for a long time with proper maintenance.