Today we visited 5 temporary housing units in Minami-aso, Ubuyama-mura, Yamato-machi to distribute about 160 application forms for a food package. In these days, organizations called “neighborhood supporting center” have been established all over Kumamoto to help the earthquake victims in various ways. Unfortunately, some of the residents are vigilant because of the possibility of unscrupulous businesses. Some residents wonder if the flyers are a reliable source. We are doing our best to resolve this problem by reporting our activity to a local official and the neighborhood centers beforehand to gain the trust from the people and have them complete our application form.


It’s been 7months since the earthquake happened in Kumamoto, but there are many houses that are not in the process of demolishing.


In December, our Kumamoto office will be closed and there will be no 2HJ staff in Kumamoto.