In December, our Kumamoto office will be closed and there will be no 2HJ staff in Kumamoto. However, we will continue to follow up on the issues to support Kumamoto.

The activity of supplying people with food by receiving donation items is a normal activity for 2HJ, so we would like to keep on supporting the victims by making the donations from all over the places available to the local supporting groups in Kumamoto.

Today, 16 pallets of water were sent to a supporting group called “Kumamoto Yūkyu-no-kai”. This organization also gets tents from UNWFP as a gift and uses them for storing and distributing goods to the residents of Mashiki-machi.


Not all of the water will be used by the organization however. In the afternoon, people from “Mirukurabu” and “Kumamoto Fujitomi preschool” received some of the water. Those organizations continue support activities in Kumamoto city and Mifune-machi.


It costs a lot to send donation items to several different places, so we ask “Kumamoto Yūkyu-no-kai” to offer its tent for storing donation items and have the other organizations receive the donations at the tent. This reduces the work of sponsoring companies that donate goods and allows them to continue their contribution activities easily.


We hope that each organization will be able to play its own role, support each other and cooperate for the reconstruction of Kumamoto. Thank you very much.