The bottles of mineral water that had been stored in Kagoshima were delivered to a high school in Aso in order for the school to use it as stockpile. The warehouse that was used to store the water bottles is close to a care facility for disabled people called “Only One”. The manager and other staff from the care house always help us with loading and unloading boxes of food items. On that day, we worked together to carry a total of 213 twelve kilogram boxes of mineral water. This warehouse has been our working space since the Kumamoto earthquake happened. The facility will be used by Food Bank Kagoshima to store donation items for its usual food bank activities.


And this time, Fedex, a company well known for its worldwide delivery service, helped us out by delivering the packages from Kagoshima to Kumamoto. This was the second time since May that Fedex has dedicated time and resources to 2HJ’s efforts. The company offered complimentary delivery service because they support our philanthropic mission.


We are able to make the relief supplies accessible and available to people in need due to all the support that we have received from many people.